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Wearable ECG Device: Patent Distribution, Market Opportunity, and Brand Strength Analysis
Published Date: March 2019
Report Code: MICR-Cons-27
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Wearable ECG Device Patent Distribution Market Opportunity and Brand Strength Analysis

Wearable ECG Device: Patent Distribution, Market Opportunity, and Brand Strength Analysis

Code: MICR-Cons-27
March 2019
29 Pages
Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute
Region: Global,
Table of Content
Tables & Figures

Wearables are one of the effective tools that can be affixed to a limb of the number body to monitor personal physiology information anytime and anywhere. Electrocardiography (ECG) is the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart. With lightweight design, wearables are ideal gadgets to measure heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, etc. With embedded optical sensors, wearables can be used for the collection of ECG information. People can measure blood pressure via pressure sensors. Through the temperature and humidity sensors, abnormality in body temperature can be detected. ECG information is used to determine cardiac electrical activities, which can facilitate the prevention and detection of heart disease. This report provides an overview of the latest development of wearable ECG devices and trend analysis by country, sector and field. Key technologies such as Diagnosis and Identification, Measurement and Inspection, HMI (Human-Machine Interface), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are also examined in the report. Also included are the insights about opportunities of wearable ECG devices for newcomers.

Table of Contents
1. Wearable ECG Devices Overview
2.Patent Mining
2.1 Patent Search
2.1.1 Selecting a Patent Database
2.1.2 Identifying Search Keywords
2.1.3 Data Selection
2.1.4 Data Analysis
3. Trend Analysis Using Data Mining
3.1 Analysis of Trends by Country
3.1.1 Analysis of Trends by Sector and Field
3.1.2 Analysis of Trends by Key Technology
3.2 Key Patent Analysis
3.2.1 Integrated Applications between Flexible Wristbands and Mobile Devices
3.3 R&D Readiness Analysis
4.Patent portfolio analysis
4.1 International Assignees
4.2 Development of Major Companies
4.2.1 Seiko
4.2.2 Samsung
4.2.3 Polar
5.1 Wearable ECG Device Patents Focus on Medical Technology and Computer Technology
5.2 Human-Machine Interface, AI, and Cloud Computing are Worth Investing In
5.3 Clothing, Footwear and Socks with ECG Sensors Still Have Room for Development, Especially for Newcomers
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Tables
Table 1: Wearable ECG Device Patent Counts by Key Technology
Table 2: R&D Intensity of Top 20 International Wearable ECG Device Patent Assignees
Table 3: Wearable ECG Device Technology Class /International Patent Assignee Matrix Analysis
Table 4: Wearable ECG Device Data Processing Subclass /Patent Assignee Matrix Analysis
List of Figures
Figure 1: Illustration of Wearable ECG Devices
Figure 2: Patent Distribution of Wearable ECG Device by Country
Figure 3: Patent Distribution Share of Wearable ECG Devices by Sector
Figure 4: Patent Distribution Share of Wearable ECG Devices by Field
Figure 5: Illustration of a Flexible Wristband with a Mobile Device
Figure 6: Illustration of ECG Wristbands

List of Topics

Analysis of 1,111 wearable ECG (Electrocardiography) device patents by technology field using the data mining technique; also included are the detailed profile of top 20 assignees and their relative R&D intensity ranking
Trend analysis of the global wearable ECG device patent distribution by country, sector and field, and by key technology
Analysis of the development of major wearable ECG device: Seiko, Samsung, and Polar
Matrix analysis of wearable ECG device technologies and international assignees

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