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Development of Chinese AI Smart Speakers Pre order Report
Published Date: March 2019
Report Code: MICR-Cons-33
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Development of Chinese AI Smart Speakers Pre order Report

Development of Chinese AI Smart Speakers Pre order Report

Code: MICR-Cons-33
March 2019
20 Pages
Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute
Region: Global,
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After the launch of AI smart speaker Amazon Echo in North America, the market responded well. This has attracted a number of IT brands to join the bandwagon by building their own voice assistant and smart speaker platform. Chinese and English AI voice assistant platform camps have distinct language barriers. Amid the proliferation of smart speakers, voice assistants speaking Chinese have seen a boom in China. This report provides an overview of major Chinese AI smart speakers, including LingLong DingDong, Tmall Genie X1, Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker, and Baidu Raven H; examines their core functions, product lifecycle, product positioning, and pricing strategy.

Table of Contents
1. Product Lifecycle
2. Product Features
3. Product Positioning
3.1 LingLong DingDong Speaker
3.1.1 Focus on Home Environment While Striving to Be JD.com's Potential Member
3.2 Tmall Genie X1
3.2.1 Focus on Commercial Environment While Aiming to Facilitate Tmall and Taobao Sales Push
3.3 Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker
3.3.1 A Hub to Control All of Xiaomi Smart Home Devices
3.4 Baidu Raven H
3.4.1 Target Young Fashion Enthusiast While Making Breakthroughs in Software and Hardware
4. Pricing Strategies
5. Product Evoluation and Deployment
5.1 Dingdong Voice Assistants
5.1.1 Mobility, Personalization, and Emerging Technologies to Bring Innovations to Market
5.2 Tmall Voice Assistants
5.2.1 Smart Speakers and Smartphones are Used Together to Create Visualization
5.3 Xiaomi Voice Assistants
5.3.1 Dedicated to Increasing Mi Service Coverage, Low-cost Mini Speaker Having Sound Distortion Problem
5.4 Baidu DuerOS Voice Assistants
5.4.1 DuerOS Open Platform to Boost Domestic Adoption
6. Conclusion
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Figures
Figure 1 China AI Voice Assistant Platforms and Application Environments
Figure 2 Major Chinese AI Smart Speaker Solutions and Their Target Users
Figure 3 The Launch Year and Price Point of Major Household AI Smart Speakers in China
Figure 4 Dingdong Voice Assistants and Their Key Features
Figure 5 Alibaba Voice Assistants and Their Key Features
Figure 6 Xiaomi Voice Assistants and Their Key Features
Figure 7 Baidu Voice Assistants and Their Key Features

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