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Tue Oct 22 11:18:57 UTC 2019

4 Wearable Medical Devices That Can Create An Impact In The Healthcare Industry

There has been a giant leap in the number of wearable medical devices over the past few years. The new generation of wearable medical devices uses sensors in conjunction with ai and machine learning to boost and sometimes even save lives. These wearable medical alert devices range from basic step counters to apps that use pulse oximetry or even the composition of one's sweat. Due to various innovation that takes place in the healthcare industry, there is a massive increase in the wearable medical device market as well. 


About 61 million people are expected to be using a personal "Wearable medical alert device" that monitor individual health information by the end of this year.


What are the different types of medical wearable devices?

The word wearable medical devices can refer to autonomous devices worn by an individual that can provide long-term health monitoring and support. Their distinctive feature is that they are either worn as an ornament or incorporated in clothing.


Below is a list of 4 latest medical devices that can have a significant impact on the healthcare industry.


1. wearable device to detect cancer cells in blood


Researchers at the university of michigan have recently developed a wearable medical device that can capture and analyze circulating tumor cells (ctcs) in the blood continuously. Typically, these cancer cells are collected by blood samples to provide a biomarker for diagnosis. But, this wrist-worn medical device can theoretically scan the blood of patients for a few hours to get only the relevant ctcs.


2. wearable peritoneal dialysis device 


Awak technologies, a medical technology company, based in singapore, recently received the certification for the fda breakthrough invention. The wearable medical device technology called the awak peritoneal dialysis machine, or awak pd, use awak's proprietary sorbent technology and provides a convenient means of dialysis for patients with renal disease.


3. ai medical monitoring wearable


A wearable medical device created by a scottish company based in edinburgh uses artificial intelligence (ai) to obtain various vitals of the users. Current health's wearable medical device tests can provide insight into important information about the body's vital signs. Recently they have also been given fda approval for home use by patients.


4. wearable sweat-sensor for athletes


Recently, a group of researchers has developed a bandage-like waterproof sweat sensor that alerts the wearer when to replenish electrolytes and fluids. This innovative patch gathers and analyzes the sweat of athletes as they exercise in any environment.


Due to these current inflows of innovations, the wearable medical device market is expected to bloom over the coming years. Furthermore, with many companies trying to enter the healthcare sector, the healthcare market is expected to get crowded, with many companies trying to capture the market. Click here to know about the "Top companies in the healthcare industry."

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