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Tue Aug 13 12:39:19 UTC 2019

The Market Mechanics of Military Robots

For many centuries, armed forces around the globe have been using autonomous military systems. All of these robotic machineries can be traced back as early as the First World War, and their significance to the future battlefields will only develop exponentially.

The use of robots in warfare is being investigated as a possible future means of fighting wars. Various armies have already created several military robots. Some think that automated weapons systems will challenge the future of modern warfare. The U.S. military is investing actively in research and development to test and deploy more computerized systems. The most prominent system presently in use is the unmanned aerial vehicle (IAI Pioneer & RQ-1 Predator), which in recognition positions can be equipped with air-to-ground rockets and operated remotely from a command center.

Factors Driving the Market

If we see based on the regions, the area of North America is anticipated to lead the market for military robots. The U.S. is regarded to be the biggest market for military robots in North America, due to advances in technology and increasing incidences of armed conflicts and the war on terrorism. On the other hand, European military robots market is anticipated to expand at the most substantial CAGR. A few of the factors influencing this upward trend in the military robots market are:

  • Rising growth in border investigation, and common Intelligent Service Robot (ISR) function
  • Rising focus on the development of unmanned military systems and the use of robots for a new range of military applications
  • Increasing adoption of UAVs and UGVs

What Future Holds:

Military robots acceptance offers enhanced help to the soldiers and assists them in multiple military applications. The armed forces around the globe no longer depend entirely on human troops but use tiny robots that can almost stay invisible to the enemy. The robots used for such activities track enemy forces or particular regions and, with GPS help, send pictures and videos to the ground station. The military robot market is expected to expand at a CAGR of over 10%. With countries wanting to add more firepower in their arsenal to showcase their strength, the demand of the military robot is sure to spike in the coming years.

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