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Tue Aug 20 12:32:21 UTC 2019

Top 5 Reasons for Businesses to Choose Vending Machine

There is adrift in the consumer market, on how companies are trying to sell their products. To improve the customer shopping experience, many product-based companies are offering their goods in the vending machine

In a recent analysis of the vending machine market, it has been estimated that the value of vending machine market will reach 7350 Million US$ by 2025 and was previously valued at 5870 Million US$ in 2018. This enormous increase in the demand for a vending machine is due to certain advantages that it offers.

Reason for Adapting:

1)     Mobility

The vending machine can be shifted to new locations, and the services will proceed as usual.

2)     Cost reduction

It's a one-time investment on the owner's side that doesn't require a lot of running costs for its operation. Reducing overhead costs by not employing staff improves the owner's profit margin, making it a success-bound undertaking. Furthermore, the vending machine needs little or no maintenance.

3)     Diversity

A wide range of products can be sold in one single vending machine. For example, fruits, beverages, and cigarettes among the other products can be sold in a vending machine.

4)     Customer Convenience

Vending machines offer customers a free option at any time of the day to buy products. Throughout the year, customers can shop for their intended product on a 24-hour basis.

5)     Automated Processing

The entire process is automated to ensure that customers can conveniently use the machine. Some vending machine accepts only money in currency forms, while others allow both cash and electronic transactions via cards.

 Types of Vending Machine

Broadly the vending machine can be classified into two types. They are,

  • Low-end vending machines

A vending machine which accepts only cash as the mode of payment and dispenses item upon receiving the money can be classified as a low-end vending machine. They are restricted to simple functions and do not support various payment modes.

Market analysis has revealed that low-end vending machines account for the largest vending machine market share. However, its share will decline gradually with intelligent vending machines registering implementation.

  • Intelligent vending machines

Intelligent vending machines integrate energy-efficient electronic equipment, including effective lighting parts such as LEDs, compressors, and sensors, which assist in saving energy. Furthermore, they support multiple payment modes making it convenient for customers.

The inclusion of groundbreaking characteristics, such as voice and face recognition, which allows interaction between the device and the consumer, energizes the opportunities for development in the sector. By identifying and reacting to customers, these characteristics add intelligence to the devices and provide a vibrant visual experience with interactive promotions.

Vending Machine Market Insight

Based on the implementation, owing to the increasing conversion of these outlets into mechanized shops, the retail industry is growing considerably. Such advanced techniques are being incorporated by retail store owners to provide their clients with sophisticated alternatives that will save time in queues.

During the next years to come, North America and Europe are anticipated to have significant market development. Canada has also witnessed the rapid implementation of this scheme by retail outlets in the U.S. across a few application areas, including supermarkets, retail shops, malls, and so on. In addition, the region's business growth will be driven by initiatives and interest in improving customer experience.


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