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Wed Sep 18 05:35:33 UTC 2019

An Insight Into The Oracle's OS Management Service

With the accessibility of Oracle Autonomous Linux, Oracle recently marked a significant milestone in the company's independent policy. Oracle Autonomous Linux is the first and only independent operating environment along with the new Oracle OS Management Service that eliminates complexity and human error to offer unprecedented cost savings, safety, and customer accessibility.

It is being said that, Oracle Autonomous Linux builds on Oracle's proven history of providing Linux to operate the most challenging enterprise applications with extreme quality, and safety.  

Oracle OS Management Service, a highly available element of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that provides system control and visibility, whether running Autonomous Linux, Linux, or Windows. 

Combined with resource management strategies, the OS Management Service also allows users to automate capacities that perform popular management functions for Linux devices, including patch and package management, safety and compliance reporting, and configuration management, through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. With other Oracle Cloud infrastructure services such as auto-scaling, it can be further automated as workloads need to expand or decrease to satisfy elastic demand.

Oracle Autonomous Linux utilizes sophisticated machine learning and independent skills in combination with Oracle OS Management Service to achieve unprecedented safety, and accessibility and releases critical IT resources to address more strategic projects.


  • Eliminate Manual OS Management - the first independent cloud operating system in the world to offer automated patching, updating, and tuning without human interference. Based on a preconfigured Oracle Linux image; automated daily package updates; enhanced OS parameter tuning and OS diagnostics gathering.

  • Provide instant, in-depth protection at all levels - 100% hands-off automatic safety updates to the Linux kernel and main userspace libraries every day. This does not require downtime along with protection from both external assaults and inner malicious users. Known Exploit Detection offers automated alerts if anyone tries to exploit Oracle's patched vulnerability.

  • Provide availability at all times - Includes automated patching and upgrades while the system runs, eliminating unnecessary downtime for customers and the system.

With Oracle Premier Support, Oracle Autonomous Linux and Oracle OS Management Services are included with Oracle Cloud Computer Services at no additional charge. Combined with the other cost benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, most Linux workload clients can expect to have TCO savings of 30-50 percent over five years compared to on-site and other cloud vendors.

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