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Tue Oct 08 06:53:20 UTC 2019

Esport Market - An Overview

The 100 million partnership deal between Intel and eSports company ESL, that happened in 2018 made it very clear that the eSports market is going to spike to a much higher level.Over the years, both in terms of viewership and sales, the eSports industry has seen tremendous growth. Brands are investing directly and indirectly in eSports advertising, seeing the opportunity to reach a broad and active audience. That's what primarily led to the industry's rapid growth in revenues.The growing proliferation of the smartphone and increased internet connectivity have resulted in a significant increase in the number of gamers.

Factors Driving The Esport Industry

  • Increasing acceptance of new gaming technology
  • Evolving customer entertainment tastes
  • Increasing demand for mobile gaming

The rise in eSporting shows no signs of slowing down. Market analysis data reveals that eSport has a global audience of about 400 million people and raises more than $800 million in annual sales. Further, an estimated 1.57 billion people will probably hear about it in 2019. It means that viewership is also likely to rise, and thus the industry will see revenue growth further.

So does eSport market growth depend on?

As it continues to innovate and attract investment, the esports industry is on track for further development in the coming years. In general, non-endemic brands pose an immense opportunity. Although many brands have already joined or are preparing their entry, the first move has yet to be made by other brands. All online broadcasters and television media outlets have already started to bid for sports content, and the degree to which these agreements will produce a significant return on investment will affect the pace of growth in media rights.

Region Based Market Trend

In 2019, China is expected to produce $210.3 million in revenue, surpassing Western Europe as the second-largest revenue market. The country is noteworthy for mobile sports ' growing popularity, including casual titles. Nonetheless, Chinese gamers ' access to new eSport titles will be affected by the recent shortage of game licenses in China. There are fewer new games on the market, particularly about Battle Royale and smartphone titles. Still, for China, where major cities like Chongqing, Xi'an, and Hangzhou compete to become the new sports centre of the world, sport is growing extremely important.Once again, North America is predicted to be the largest market for sports, with sales of $409.1 million. In 2022, when it hits $691.1 million, it will show strong growth. Sponsorship will be the most significant share of North America's 2019 sports sales ($196.2 million). Media rights, meanwhile, will contribute most to this development and remain the region's fastest-growing and second-largest revenue stream for esports. This year, North America's 23.9 million Esports Enthusiasts would produce $17.13 per fan, more than any other country.

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