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Fri Sep 20 10:51:44 UTC 2019

Tesla's "Smart Summon" - An Overview

In July, CEO and co-founder Elon Musk said the update to the V10 would include Smart Summon and is now being rolled out to participants in the Early Release Program (EAP). Autopilot had been included as part of an "Enhanced Autopilot" (EAP) package until previously this year, but all changed when Tesla removed the EAP option, making certain characteristics standard for all new Tesla electric vehicles.

Enhanced Summon is intended to enable your vehicle to drive or a place of your choice, maneuver and stop for objects as needed. Enhanced Summon works with your Tesla mobile app, so your phone needs to be within about 65 meters of your vehicle.

Tap Summon and tap the Enhanced Summon icon to access the function in your Tesla mobile app. Press and hold the "come to me" button to activate Enhanced Summon. Tap the target icon, set the location of your choice by changing the map, then click and hold the "go-to target" button. By pressing the button, you can prevent your vehicle from driving at any moment.

Besides, Enhanced Summon has also incorporated the HomeLink and can open your garage door, for instance, by pressing a button, drive your vehicle out of your garage. Enhanced Summon, like Summon, is designed to be used only in personal parking lots and driveways. You are still responsible for your car, and within your line of sight you must monitor it and its surroundings at all times.

However, what Musk has verified through the latest tweet is that "Smart Summon" will not only operate with V3.0 hardware vehicles but also with older V2.0 + hardware models. Given the confusion between the terms "Enhanced" and "Smart," it is not entirely evident whether Musk will include the capacity to find a park in the wide release.

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