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Wed Oct 16 07:20:20 UTC 2019

Top 11 packaging companies that are dominating the packaging market

There is an increasing demand for packaging due to a shift in consumer behaviour across the globe. Consumers of today are looking for three essential qualities, particularly when it comes to packaging: convenience, ease of use, and ease of transportation. In addition to packaging that has longer shelf-life, packaging companies are looking for similar values. The packaging sector, with an annual growth of about $165 billion, is projected to expand gradually over the next few years. Packaging companies are incorporating attractive graphics, innovative packaging technologies and sustainable materials as their strategies to capture the audience. 

Besides, the growing need for convenience food products suggests that there is a bright future for the packaging market. Further, the market is also driven by increased disposable income and increased awareness among consumers about packaged food.

Below is the compilation of the Top 11 Packaging Companies:


Amcor Limited is one of Australia's leading packaging companies in the packaging industry. Amcor has recently been named as the first global packaging company to launch strategies and development procedures to develop packages that are recyclable and reusable, to emphasis on addressing major environmental issues. At the same time, the organization is also determined to significantly increase the use of recycled materials over the coming years.

Ball Corporation:

Ball Company, based in the U.S., is one of the main packaging companies involved in the production of metal packaging for drinks, food & household products, as well as for aerospace and other technology and services for business and government customers. The Ball Corporation packaging company has recently introduced ReAl as a significant and game-changing technology that uses recycled aluminium to generate metal alloy that displays increased strength and helps reduce the container's overall weight without affecting packaging integrity.

Crown Holdings Incorporated :

Crown holdings are one of the biggest U.S.-based packaging company in the world. This packaging company is the world's number one food cans manufacturer and steel vacuum closure. Their business represents the drink, meat, health & beauty, household / industrial, luxury goods, and promotion sectors of the packaging industry. Recently, Coca-Cola has been working with Crown Bevcan and Chromatic Technologies Inc. to provide consumers with an interactive experience to have temperature-sensitive inks.

Mondi :

Mondi, a leading packaging company in the packaging industry, produces pulp paper and mixed plastics and secure and revolutionary industrial and consumer packaging. This innovative packaging company deals with every packaging vertical. Mondi has launched a fully recyclable plastic laminate for pre-made pouches that contributes to creating a positive environment and quality through a green material with improved performance properties comparable to traditional materials.

Reynolds group holdings :

Reynolds Group Holdings Limited is one of the world's leading distributors and producers of consumer goods and foodservice packaging products. This packaging company provides covers, plastic foils, food storage containers, compost bags, and reusable tableware and cookware across various retailers like mass merchandisers, warehouse markets, grocery stores, discount outlets, drug stores, and military networks.

Stora Enso Oyj :

Stora Enso is one of the packaging companies that is turning into a renewable resource growth company from a conventional paper and board producers. The offices of the organization are in Helsinki, Finland. Stora Enso packaging company looks at digitalization possibilities across the value chain. Digital themes include smart operations, transparent supply chain, digital customer experience, new smart products, and services as well as internal business processes. 

Bemis Company, Inc

Bemis Company Inc. is one of the largest packaging company of packaging goods and pressurized materials and is based in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. Bemis provides excellent packaging for food, consumer products, medical and industrial applications. DuPont honoured Bemis Company, Inc. for the Nutri-Grain Bakery Delights package featuring textured film by its Kellogg. In 2017, the DuPont Awards for Packaging Company Innovation was awarded to Bemis.


Coveris is a leading global plastic packaging company based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Coveris manufactures rigid and flexible packaging such as food containers, boxes, films, tags, coated goods and agricultural solutions. The packaging company operates in 20 countries, producing net sales in 2016 of around $2.5 billion.


Packaging Corporation of America

PCA Packaging company provides corrugated containers, retail packaging and display, heavy-duty packaging, product packaging, hexacomb, falcon board, Charco Stock box, record storage boxes, interior packaging, packaging supplies, freight saver dunnage bags, printing capabilities, containerboard are the production of this company. PCA's showcased its Hexacombpackaging solutions, including load securement solutions and custom designs for interior protective packaging. Hexacorals featured its new SmartZone PSA pallet system with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) facings.

Ds Smith Plc

A wide range of corrugated packaging is provided by DS Smith packaging company. It's headquartered in London, UK. It offers grades of paper made of recycled fibres. Plastic packaging is also part of DS Smith that is incorporated. DS Smith completed the purchase of EcoPark and EcoPaper. This packaging company has led an integrated community of packaging and paper. The acquisition significantly increased the ability of DS Smith to serve high-growth customers as well as sustain the current activities of the company in Eastern Europe.

Berry global, inc.

Berry Group, Inc. is one of the 500 fortune firms and the maker of plastic packaging. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, USA, it extends to personal care, home, meat, drink, hygiene, nutrition, education, and industrial & transportation services. Berry Global Group, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Griffon Corporation's Clopay Plastic Products Company, Inc. for a $475 million purchase price, subject to adjustment for working capital and certain other items after closing.

Global Packaging Industry Market Overview

Asia-Pacific is the most significant revenue contributor to the worldwide market, owing to the increased manufacturing activities carried out in emerging economies, such as India and China, to meet the increasing demand of the population. In terms of revenue, China dominated the market for packaging and protective packaging, with the largest share in the Asia-Pacific region in 2016.

In the international packaging and protective packaging market, the food industry is the most desirable sector. Food Packaging increases product shelf-life, protects products from damage, and preserves freshness, flavour, and effectiveness to comply with regulatory guidelines and end-user requirements. Increased consumption of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in the Asia-Pacific region has resulted in increased use in food applications of packaging and protective packaging. The sector of Pharmaceutical Packaging is the second most lucrative market, which is expected to proliferate.

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