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Mon Oct 21 12:30:35 UTC 2019

Top 9 Healthcare Companies

The healthcare industry is projected to maintain steady growth over the next decade. Several reasons such as advances in medicine, and increasing number of diseases, have caused a demand for medical services and treatment.

A new analysis by federal actuaries in the U.S. says Americans spent $3.65 trillion on health care in 2019.

The advancements in healthcare industry has increased people's average lifespan. Though there are several healthcare companies fighting in the healthcare market space, however very few global players have been dominating it.

What Are The Top Healthcare Company ?

1) UnitedHealth Group


UnitedHealth Group, Inc. is the world's largest healthcare company, serving more than 50 million people in the U.S. by the end of 2018 and 5 million in Brazil. The healthcare company offers a wide range of products and services for health care.

2) Medtronic

Medtronic plc is a multinational healthcare company that supplies equipment such as pacemakers, defibrillators, orthopedics, tools for controlling diabetes and many other medical devices. This healthcare company holds a major share in the heart monitoring device 

3) Abbott Laboratories


Abbott Laboratories (ABT) is a diversified healthcare company which primarily focuses on food, diagnostics, generic drugs and medical devices. Recently, this healthcare company has adopted cost-cutting plans that should drive growth in the bottom line.

4) Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher is a one-stop healthcare company that allows scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals to order items from their comprehensive internal development and recent acquisitions developments. The company has a target market of more than US$ 95 billion, so it has room to expand upward, although its $17 billion annual sales make it one of the industry's largest suppliers.

5) McKesson Corporation


McKesson Corp. is the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in the United States and provides information technology for drugs, medical products and healthcare. With an annual revenue of over $100 billion, McKesson is one of the largest healthcare company in the healthcare industry.


6) CVS Health

With its 2018 merger through health insurer Aetna, Inc., CVS Medical Corp. joined the ranks of the world's largest healthcare companies. The deal allows the newly merged business to offer a wide range of traditional, voluntary, and consumer-driven health insurance products and related services.


7) Cigna Corporation


Cigna Corp. is one of the largest investor-owned employee benefit companies in the U.S. offering millions of employees in 16 states with HMOs, POSs, and PPOs. Cigna is one of the market leaders in the self-funded commercial premium market, where most of the development would come from the insurance segment of the large-group.


8) Stryker Corporation


Stryker Corp. healthcare company produces surgical and medical specialty products such as orthopedic implants, endoscopic objects and hospital beds. The healthcare company is known for its long history of key markets development, which has resulted in significant profits being won.

9) Cardinal Health


Cardinal Health, Inc. is one of the drug, medical supplies and surgical supplies ' leading wholesale distributors. The business distributes drug stores, hospitals, alternative care centers, and pharmacies to retailers and mass merchandisers. In the pharmaceutical industry, Cardinal is one of the largest company.

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