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Tue Feb 04 07:13:28 UTC 2020

Top Companies Providing SD WAN Support


With businesses becoming increasingly digital, there is a growing need for solutions to be provided by professionals and SD WAN companies. SD WAN, which stands for "Software-Defined Wide Area Network," is a system that handles data delivery over a wide network area. Businesses rely on wide-area networks to communicate between head office and branch offices. Support for SD WAN means ensuring the network itself can respond dynamically to requirements changes without having to rely on manual support.

The SD WAN market is expected to grow with distributed organizations rapidly deploying the technology to resolve WAN bandwidth constraints, provide reliability/resilience and improve the user experience quality for cloud-based applications.

The level of support which an organization receives for SD WAN depends on the size. Large companies prefer to do most of their in-house activities via SD WAN, depending on their engineering staff. Mid-sized businesses often follow a hybrid approach, farming some activities to third-party vendors while retaining others themselves. Smaller organizations frequently lack the expertise to handle SD WAN themselves, so they often hire SD WAN firms to take over the operation.


Riverbed SD WAN

Riverbed is a cloud company that specializes in SD WAN networking. In addition to existing network infrastructure, the company claims it can overlay new and improved SD WAN systems, reducing disruption during deployment. It also states that because of its intuitive software tools, its products have a surprisingly gentle learning curve.

1. Nuage SD WAN

Nuage is a subsidiary of Nokia. The company began to diversify into various business areas and became one of the early leaders in the SD WAN market. Unlike many other vendors in the industry, Nuage believes it is better to be responsive to the applications? needs first, rather than optimizing bandwidths and branch level after the fact.

2. Velocloud SD WAN

Velocloud, formally known as Velocloud Networks, is a cloud-based networking service that provides a product portfolio including the cloud-based SD WAN. The company was founded in 2012 and has built a reputation for providing enterprise-class software solutions to manage data flow between branches and data centres.

3. Versa SD WAN

Versa promises to turn traditional business thinking on its head. Instead of asking what the company can do in terms of IT deliver, Versa wants to allow IT to deliver what the business needs. The company offers a range of managed SD WAN products that help to both deploy and monitor WANs.

4. Aryaka SD WAN

Due to its unique combination of technologies, Aryaka is one of the most highly ranked SD WAN business service providers in the world. Aryaka provides companies with private networks in combination with optimization strategies, cloud platform interoperability and off-the-shelf network-wide SD WAN service solutions.

5. Juniper SD WAN

The SD WAN product from CloudGenix is a complete SD WAN solution which offers all the critical features that organizations might need. Like many other vendors, CloudGenix is pleased to deliver a hybrid approach, with some of the functions maintained in-house, and others performed by its engineers.

6. Ecessa SD WAN

For many years Ecessa has sold SD WAN to large companies. It claims that customers using its SD WAN architecture experience a 95% reduction in packet loss, 100% avoidance of outage, and an 89% improvement in latency. The business prides itself on providing businesses that rely on continuous uptime high-quality, custom-made solutions.              

7. Cisco Viptela SD WAN

SilverPeak has moved away from router-centric and simplistic SD WAN approaches into a form of a proprietary system it calls Unity EdgeConnect. The SD WAN company says the change represents a paradigm shift to a business-centred mode of operation, improving the quality of service to end-users and SD WAN enterprise system implementation.

8. Cisco Meraki SD WAN

Cisco Meraki is a California-based Cloud software service company. Cisco Meraki has comprehensive cloud-managed network management expertise, including maintenance and installation of the SD WAN. It offers scalable SD WAN enterprise solutions for businesses and gives clients a range of cloud-based tools to manage their products.

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