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The China-US Trade War and Its Impact on Taiwanese Companies Produced Communications Equipment in China
Published Date: March 2019
Report Code: MICR-Cons-07
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The ChinaUS Trade War and Its Impact on Taiwanese CompaniesProduced Communications Equipment in Ch

The China-US Trade War and Its Impact on Taiwanese Companies Produced Communications Equipment in China

Code: MICR-Cons-07
March 2019
Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute
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To keep his campaign promise, Trump recently signed an executive memorandum to impose higher tariffs on Chinese goods imported into the United States in March 2018, involving large amounts and plenty of goods. A large number of Taiwanese companies have their main production bases in China, with the United States being their major export destination. Therefore, the impact of Trump's announcement would be also profound on Taiwanese companies. This report provides production value and major clients of the Taiwanese communications industry in China, especially in three major sectors: smartphone, wireless broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), and fixed broadband CPE, and also includes a brief stakeholder analysis.

Table of Contents
1.1 Background
1.2 Scope of Impact
1.1.1 IT and Telecom Industries
1.1.2 Brands and OEM/ODMs Exporting Goods from China to the United States
2. Taiwanese Communications Products Manufacturered in China
2.1 Smartphone Industry
2.2.1 Production Value
2.2.2 Major Clients
2.3 Wireless Broadband Equipment Industry
2.3.1 Production Value
2.3.2 Major Clients
2.4 Fixed Broadband Equipment Industry
2.4.1 Production Value
2.4.2 Major Clients
3. The Possible Impact on the Industry
3.1 Smartphone Industry
3.1.1 Export Value
3.1.2 Stakeholder Analysis
3.2 Wireless Broadband Equipment Industry
3.2.1 Export Value
3.2.2 Stakeholder Analysis
3.3 Fixed Broadband Equipment Industry
3.3.1 Export Value
3.3.2 Stakeholder Analysis
4. Conclusion
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of topics:

Background of the China-US trade war, touching on the scope of impact in the IT and telecom sectors, as well as on brands and OEM/ODMs exporting goods from China to the United States
Overview of Taiwanese communications products manufactured in the Chinese smartphone, wireless broadband equipment, and fixed broadband equipment industries, and includes their production value and major clients.
Analysis of the possible impact of US tariffs on Taiwanese communications products that are manufactured in China and exported to the United States, and include a brief stakeholder analysis of the abovementioned industries.

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