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Major AI Voice Assistant Brands and Their Latest Developments
Published Date: March 2019
Report Code: MICR-Cons-16
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Major AI Voice Assistant Brands and Their Latest Developments

Major AI Voice Assistant Brands and Their Latest Developments

Code: MICR-Cons-16
March 2019
15 Pages
Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute
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Four years since the advent of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice assistant, Amazon, Google, and other big tech firms have been developing related technologies, hardware products, and applications of their own, and have pioneered. This report analyzes the development of AI voice assistants from the standpoint of the market's vanguards such as Amazon and Google, and from technical, product, and application perspectives as well. It is intended as a reference point for businesses who are interested in tapping opportunities in this arena.

Table of Contents
1. Definition
2. Technology-wise: Simplified, Personalized, and More Human
2.1 Amazon Alexa
2.2 Google Assistant
3. Product-wise: Portable and Large-screen Smart Speakers
4. Application-wise: The Four Primary Applications
MIC Perspective
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Figures
Figure 1: Amazon Alexa's Development Timeline
Figure 2: Google Assistant's Development Timeline
Figure 3: Development Timeline of Major Voice Assistant Brands in Four Primary Market Segments

List of topics:

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