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Opportunities and Challenges for ICT Vendors in the Mobile Health Wearable Market
Published Date: March 2019
Report Code: MICR-Cons-17
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Opportunities and Challenges for ICT Vendors in the Mobile Health Wearable Market

Opportunities and Challenges for ICT Vendors in the Mobile Health Wearable Market

Code: MICR-Cons-17
March 2019
Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute
Table of Content
Tables & Figures

Thanks to growing demand for chronic disease monitoring, long-term care, and self-management of health, the business potential of mobile health wearables has surged in recent years. ICT vendors have attempted to tap into the mobile health market with their hardware and software solutions, and cloud computing technologies; however, no large-scale medical applications have been carried out thus far. This report analyzes opportunities and challenges faced by ICT vendors when developing mobile health wearables and looks into leading international vendors' developments with an aim to provide insights for the future.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction of Mobile Health Wearables
1.1 Definition of Mobile Health and Emergence of Wearables
1.2 Types of Mobile Health Wearables
2. Development of Mobile Health Wearables
2.1 Mobile Health Wearables on Market
2.2 Health Wearables Developed by ICT Vendors: Apple Watch and HealthKit
2.3 Health Wearables Developed by Medical Device Company: Medtronic
3.Gaps in Mobile Health Wearable Value Chain
3.1 Development of IC and Equipment Vendors in the ICT Industry
3.1.1 IC Vendors
3.1.2 Equipment Vendors
3.2 ICT Vendors' Development of Medical Software and Systems
3.3 Regulations for Medical Software and Systems
3.4 ICT Vendors' Development of Medical Cloud Platforms
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Tables
Table 1 Key Features of Different Types of Mobile Health Wearables
Table 2 Wearable Components Developed by Semiconductor Vendors
Table 3 Wearables Developed by Consumer Electronics Brands
Table 4 Common Medical Software and Systems
Table 5 Developments of Medical Software and System Vendors
Table 6 US FDA's Mobile Medical App Classification
Table 7 Opportunities and Challenges for Different Types of Taiwanese Vendors
List of Figures
Figure 1 Data Collection and Feedbacks of Mobile Healthcare Services
Figure 2 Mobile Health Wearables and their Specific Purposes
Figure 3 Mobile Health Wearables and Their Applications
Figure 4 Apple's Partners for Apple Watch and HealthKit
Figure 5 Medtronic's Partners in Wearables for Diabetes Management
Figure 6 Mobile Health Value Chain
Figure 7 Components in Mobile Health Wearables
Figure 8 Medical Cloud Platforms, Service Providers, and Applications

List of Topics: 

Development of mobile health wearables, touching on its definition, types, applications, and market availability
Overview of health wearables developed by ICT vendors such as Apple Watch and HealthKit, and those by medical device company such as Medtronic
Development of the mobile health wearable industry from the perspective of IC and medical equipment vendors and includes the mobile health value chain
Development of ICT vendors in medical cloud platforms, and medical software and system, touching on regulations

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