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Development of US and Chinese Retail Giants in the Healthcare Sector
Published Date: March 2019
Report Code: MICR-Cons-35
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Development of US and Chinese Retail Giants in the Healthcare Sector

Development of US and Chinese Retail Giants in the Healthcare Sector

Code: MICR-Cons-35
March 2019
Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute
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Since the end of 2017, several leading international retailers have conducted acquisitions and initiated investments in attempts to tap into the growing healthcare industry. The healthcare industry generally comprises of medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance components. This report provides an overview of acquisitions and investment plans of four retail giants: CVS Health, Walgreens, Amazon, and Alibaba in the healthcare space, outlines their existing healthcare landscape and advantages, and analyzes their strategies to drive their business in this arena.

Table of Contents
1. Development of retail brands in Healthcare sector
1.1 Primary Healthcare Services Only
1.2 Traditional Companies vs. Startups
2. RetaiL brands' Existing Healthcare Landscape
3. Deployment strategies
3.1 CVS Aims for Business Diversification by Integrating Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Insurance Services
3.2 Walgreens Adds Telemedicine Services to Enhance Existing Medical Care Services
3.3 Amazon Enters Medical Care Service for the First Time to Capture the Seniors Market
3.4 Alibaba Aims to Deepen Presence in O2O Prescription Drug Services
MIC Perspective
Prescription Drugs and Medical Insurance are the Areas of Focus for Retail Giants
Creating Service Differentiation is Key to Success
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Tables
Table 1 Overview of M&As of International Retail Giants
Table 2 Self-operated Healthcare Service of Amazon and Walgreens
Table 3 Retail Brands' Deployment in the Healthcare Sector
List of Figures
Figure 1 Retail Giants' Strategies for Healthcare Market Expansion

List of Topics:-

Development of retail brands in the healthcare sector, touching on their main service types and the comparison between traditional companies and startups in this arena Retail brands' existing healthcare landscape and includes their M&A activities in recent years Deployment strategies of leading retail brands such as CVS, Walgreen, Amazon, and Alibaba

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